Our Team

Who We Are

Zoe Weiss, Founder

Freshman, Harvard University

Dr. Deborah Huffman, Aeronautics Instructor & Fernbank LINKS Coach, DeKalb County School District

Mrs. Deneen McBean-Warner, K-12 Science Coordinator, DeKalb County School District


Mr. Andrew Young, Ambassador & Mayor & Congressman & Reverend

PC: B. Suddereth, 27 Jan 2018

Founder, Zoe Weiss, served as a robotics Ambassador to VIPs who attended the FIRST Lego League State competition in Georgia. Zoe escorted Civil Rights legend (and former Congressman, UN Ambassador, Reverend, and Mayor) Andrew Young through the venue explaining how the power of robotics captivates students of all ages and demographics and instills a passion for STEM. At age 86, Mr. Young was just as thrilled as the 10-year olds who were there.