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Letter from the Editor

letter from the editor

Welcome to DeKalb County’s first-ever journal, Proceedings of Science and Engineering, highlighting the scientific and engineering excellence of DeKalb students. The motivation for this journal was all the exceptional research on display at the DeKalb Regional Science and Engineering Fair (DRSEF). Although there are public viewings of projects at those fairs, there is not enough exposure.

In 2018, there were 21 Regional Science & Engineering Fairs around Georgia. At each fair, there were 14 categories. There were more than 100 projects in junior and senior categories at DRSEF. At DRSEF, there were over 200 students competing, and the top 40 projects advance to the Georgia Science and Engineering Fair (GSEF).

For those who are less familiar with Science and Engineering fairs, here is some background. Science and Engineering Fairs are where students get to explore real, hands-on research, discover results they had never expected, and present to judges who are experts working in the scientific and engineering fields. Many of the projects start in school science classes, but often, students compete on their own accord, and nearly always, the students are amazed with their results. The power of science to move is alive and strong in DeKalb. There are three levels of competition: Novice (grades 3-5), Junior (grades 6-8), and Senior (grades 9-12). For DeKalb County, the competition is called the DeKalb Regional Science and Engineering Fair. Winners from this fair then compete at the Georgia State Science and Engineering Fair, and from there, the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair.

Many thanks to Mrs. Deneen McBean-Warner, Ms. Danielle Armstrong, and their staff. Ms. Armstrong is the Professional Learning Facilitator in DeKalb County. Mrs. McBean-Warner is the director and judge advisor for DRSEF and works tirelessly to encourage creativity in science across DeKalb county. Mrs. McBean-Warner and Ms. Armstrong go above all expectations to ensure students have fun while doing exceptionally high quality science.

For many reasons, we use only first names and last initials for each paper and do not identify the schools they attend, but they are all DeKalb students who’ve earned top honors at school, county, state, and international science fairs. This would not be possible without the DeKalb county community and their amazing support to our students as they pursue incredible advances.


Zoe W
Editor-in-Chief DeKalb County Senior

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