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What is inventeen?

A platform to fund young inventors to develop their inventions and get provisional Patents on their inventions run by college students.


This platform is made possible by a generous STEM Action Grant from The Society for Science & the Public. We will select up to 10 projects!

What is a patent?

A patent gives an inventor credit for an invention and the right to stop other people making or using their invention without permission. 


The US has an office called the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) that gives patents.

 A provisional patent is the US national application for a patent filed in the USPTO.

Why get a provisional patent?

There are lots of reasons! Most likely, you are here because you are a Student Inventor and you made an invention for fun or Science Fair, or 4H, or FIRST Robotics and you have nothing to do with it now because COVID cancelled all competitions!


A provisional patent is a way to document and signify your hard work and to get credit for your invention. Once you have the completed document that explains your invention with sketches, you can share it with other inventors, students, and adults!

Inventeen 2020



What is the goal of Inventeen?

The goal of Inventeen is to help younger students develop, polish, prepare, and submit their inventions for a Provisional Patent. Many of our college-aged volunteer mentors have personally navigated the Provisional Patent process and want to help younger students with innovative ideas do the same. 


What happens if I am selected?

You see on the application there are 2 options: 1) applying for funding to independently prototype an invention and 2) applying for funding and mentoring to file a provisional patent. Students may select both. If selected for the first, we will provide funding for helping make prototypes of your invention, depending on the stage of development that it is at coming in! If selected for the second, you will be matched with a team of college-aged mentors with expertise in the field of your intention. They will work with you to write down the details of your invention and make sketches of how it works and obtain a provisional patent.

When is the application due?

The deadline has passed. Check back later for Inventeen 2021!


How do you apply for a Provisional Patent?
To apply for a Provision Patent, the USPTO requires a brief summary of the invention, some sketches of the invention, and ~$100 (but we will pay this for you!). 


If I am accepted, how much do I have to pay?

Nothing! The entire process is free for selected applicants thanks to a very generous grant from the Society for Science & the Public (see last section)

Who are the mentors?

Our pre-law mentors have expertise in the writing side and our STEM mentors are experts in developing and streamlining science and engineering ideas.


Who do I have to thank for funding this platform?

We were selected by Society for Science & the Public for a 2020 STEM Action Grant. They graciously support initiatives that lead toward a more inclusive and diverse STEM community.

Disclaimer: We are not lawyers/law students. We are undergrads with experience in Provisional Patent applications. Thus, we cannot provide legal advice. 

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