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Every word in the name of our nonprofit, Urban Science Summit, is significant and expounds upon our vision and mission.


  • Too often, children in urban environments are left behind. Yet many have incredible potential. When kids are given the opportunity to innovate, the results are incredible.

  • Our objective is to instill a passion for STEM in these young people. 

  • Urban life has its unique challenges, and solutions to these challenges must be informed by experience. More than 80% of the US lives in urban areas. Worldwide, 54% of the population lives in urban areas, and this is expected to increase to 66% by 2050. 


  • Teaching science to others is not only rewarding, but it’s contagious. Public school teachers are often required to teach large groups of students aligned to lesson plans and within the confines of our test-driven educational system.

  • Our foundation’s activities reach students outside of the classroom, engaging them in hands-on activities and introducing them to research. There is no pressure of working for a grade.

  • We assign them challenges and they work as a team. When they return, they are proud to show off what they devised. Then, we iterate on their solutions.

  • We have fun. We laugh. We learn important STEM skills for the 21st century. 

  • This dynamic is contagious and is what science should be about. We are proud to say that we have infected our community.


  • Every time we gather with kids, they take a step toward the pinnacle in STEM learning. 

  • Every meeting is a summit. It is a gathering of inquisitive minds, and it is a peak of learning.

  • New challenges are posed at each summit so that the next meeting is a summit (gathering) with a new summit (peak) in learning.

  • It is the tip from which students advance to their next level of greatness.

  • It is a summit of ambition.   

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